Lying in a hospital bed, being fed through my nose, breathing through a hole in my neck and 15lbs of weight attached to a metal halo screwed into
my head. A team of doctors approached, the chief consultant stepped slightly closer. ‘Steven, you broke your neck.’ There is nothing we can do; you will never walk again.

I was 18 years old!

I know struggle. I know what it is to be living through some of the toughest things imaginable.


Ultimately I made struggle my best friend. It is through adversity that courage, wisdom and strength is built.

We spend so much time trying to avoid the bad times, trying to avoid the situations we don't like, when ultimately we need to turn and face them head on. Metaphorically we need to look them in the eye and say bring it on. The more you give me, the stronger, the braver I will become. You can overcome any obstacle and achieve.