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It’s a book of pure inspiration and passion from people who have overcome adversity. It’s written to inspire every human being wherever they live, whatever their creed, colour, that through adversity, through the depths of addiction, losing a loved one, being diagnosed blind, paralysed, from fighting cancer whatever the challenge may be that you can and will overcome adversity and live life.

As part of my journey, I have spoken to people in the US, Kenya, India and the UK.

- People who spent 11 years in hospital had a leg amputated and now coach Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

- People who have been plagued by addiction for years and gone on to save over 1000 lives.

- People dogged with self-doubt who are now best selling authors.



Interview Questions

Kindle Version

Teacher Interview Questions and Answers is an excellent workbook containing

forty two sample questions and answers to the toughest teacher interview questions.

There is an explanation of each question advice on how to respond.

In addition there are sample responses for many of the questions to help you structure your own. In a tough careers job market it is essential that your structure your responses in line with the Job Description and Person Specification and this guide will show you how to do this to great effect.

How to Achieve Your Goals

Paper and Kindle

In this powerful and practical book you will learn to set and achieve your goals. The book is set out as a workbook where you will be asked a number of questions that challenge the current position of your life. The book inspires much self-thought and provides inspirational quotes and stories to help you focus and gain clarity.

Interview Questions & Answers

Kindle Version

Sales Interviews Questions and Answers is the most comprehensive guide to helping candidates through the sales recruitment process. The book provides guidance on over 40 of the toughest and most common interview questions in sales, outlining sample answers to the questions.


How to achieve your dreams in 6 steps

Video Version

Online Training – 27 Videos to teach you how to achieve your dreams.

The course is for people who wish to change their lives and  learn new personal development techniques.

You will learn how to create, set and achieve long and short term goals by using the GOAL Philosophy.

You will be able to implement the 3D's to help you create a compelling long-term dreams.

You will learn how to use the Wheel of Life to identify 1 area of your life you wish to change.

You will learn how to use the concept of Flushing to ensure you pursue goals that make you feel alive.

You will complete a full plan for 1 area of your life.



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