Alcohol and domestic violence were part of my family. Seeing my mum battered and bruised and left in some awful states, affected me both at home and in school. I came from a military family and when I left school with no qualifications the military became a place for me!


What people don’t realise is many kids care for their parents. The stress on relationships, PTSD and anxiety leave many kids performing the chores of washing, ironing and taking on the role of carer!


After years of witnessing this and thinking I was not good enough; I decided to gain an education in my 30s. My desire was to take responsibility, to use my own negatives experiences and use them as a force for good for other people.


It was difficult, being married with two young children, and suffering from mental health issues due to my childhood, I went and gained a gained degree and now study for a PhD. The work is transforming lives, it’s helping families recover from the stresses of military life and letting kids be kids.


To bounce back from adversity need to make a positive decision. Your desire must be greater than your doubts.