I’m originally from Greece, my wife is from France and we dreamed of living in North America, but it just didn’t work out practically. We missed our family!

After researching the different options we decided on Norway! Even though we were committed, it was so difficult to find employment, even though I had already mastered the language.


Then I had an accident working, injuring my neck and I couldn’t move for 3 months. There were no rights, meaning no income and I panicked as my wife studied.


 I applied for over 400 jobs during a 2 1/2 year period and nothing! Our savings depleted, and to be honest I felt like giving up. Just as we thought of leaving to return to our parents, I persisted one last time and I found a job doing something I love - teaching languages!


What I learned is that when you want something bad enough you will get there whatever the obstacle. It’s resilience that makes us humans incredible!