When I was 10, my father went bankrupt. We lost so much, but in the process we learned a great deal. We had to make our Christmas presents and share a car with a family who generously let us borrow theirs from time to time.


Aged 12, I began teaching dance in my basement and by the time I went to college I had two studio locations and over 400 students.


At the time I set off for college, I was accepted to both Harvard and Berkeley, but there wasn’t any money for me to go to those schools, instead, I continued my dance teaching and opened up a third location near Michigan State University, who opened their arms wide and accepted me into their prestigious Honors College.


My entire education was funded through my dance school, teaching five nights a week. Although my theatrical and creative side was always present and embedded into all I did, I was told 'you will never make it as an artist, you will starve, get a business degree.’


Let nothing stand in the way of what it is you want to achieve. I continued my creative side... I was recognized and was offered a volunteer position at the White House, where I provided my services for 10 years. 6 years ago, I was hired permanently. I stay through administrations in the Executive Residence as a Designer to the President of the United States. (Me on the left)