I made a decision a couple of years back to leave a job I loved in the NHS – To create a social enterprise that brings people together. My goal is to inspire, innovate and to share knowledge to support and improve our health service.


My wife was pregnant at the time and it was tough decision to make. The loss of a regular income and the experience of starting a new business during challenging times are just some of the fears I've faced.

But that was nothing compared to being told our eldest daughter, Mia (4), has cancer. That was devastating!


Resilience for me comes from the 3Ds – Make a decision to overcome the challenge. Desire – Why do it (To help others) – Determination – to keep on going when times get tough (Dust yourself off when disappointment strikes).


No matter what happens in life I do my best to find a way for my family to be happy while following my passion for supporting the health services and our communities.


Despite the challenges that life presents, you just keep on going and never give up.

The business is growing and inspires people to help others and my daughter is making progress to recovery.


Together we inspire!