My wife became disabled whilst giving birth to our son. She is my best friend so this hit us hard. Then at the age of 2, our son was diagnosed with severe autism. He requires constant care and sometimes it’s difficult because my thoughts are always for his safety and care in the future, when I’m not here.


Like with all challenges in life it is how you respond. It’s the decisions you make, to focus on the positives or to dwell in the pain. For me, I do have “a sad moment” from time to time, but I am truly grateful for my family, and my work where I have the privilege to inspire people to achieve their MASSIVE goals.


My life as a full time motivational speaker is to share a message that you can create, set and achieve MASSIVE goals and I teach those principals to between 10,000 -50,000 young people in schools each year. My vision is to be a positive role model for my wife and son, to be happy and serve others as best I can.