I never dreamt that at the age of 31 I would be a widow with a 4 year-old daughter. Dave had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and after 18 months, he passed away at home. I was to start the next challenge - living without him.


For a long time though I didn't live, I existed. One day the fridge door handle broke and I sobbed on the kitchen floor. I knew something had to change. Not just for me but for my daughter Grace. My little girl needed her mama more than ever now.


To overcome any adversity, you need to focus on the future and the good memories from the past. My daughter Grace is my reason for living and not just existing. She continually amazes me and makes me proud. I've learnt some days you laugh, some days you cry and some you hurt, but that's okay. It makes you who you are and I'm doing just fine.