It's been almost 2 years to the day that my health took a turn for the worst.


I was driving through London and realised that I couldn't see properly in one eye.  Initially I thought it was my glasses, but after arriving at Morefields Hospital, I was told that I needed to see a doctor as my blood pressure was high, really high.


I discovered there was a problem with my optic nerve, meaning I would have limited vision in both eyes. Hearing that stressed me out, I sat wondering if my eyesight would deteriorate?


Nervous and worried the days and weeks wore on, until I made a decision to fight back. I changed my mindset to seek out opportunities rather than worrying about things that may never happen.


Last year, I threw myself into endurance challenges, such as running the London Marathon in 2016, running it in just over 5 hours.


I learned not to take my health for granted. I have my eyesight, but there is a chance it could be lost because of the damage to my optic nerve. More importantly, I have also learned to focus on the positive despite the adversities life can throw at us.