When you build a business, it becomes more than just a job; it’s a creation. But after 18 years, we experienced the betrayal from those we trusted. The result was near bankruptcy and losing our business.


There is a natural tendency to blame, to feel panic from the uncertainty of what the future would hold. Whether my husband and our children were going to be left homeless.


There comes a time, when you have to detach from the emotion and to focus on the future rather than the pain from the past. I chose to create a new vision, to gain clarity and understand what I wanted.


The result is - I use my experience to coach other businesswomen. I work with management teams at BMW. I have a Facebook page of over 50,000 followers that helps people through difficult challenges!


It’s in times of adversity that we discover who we really are. What I discovered is we have the potential to overcome anything. You can too!