Life was a roller coaster when I was younger. Turbulent and un-certain times were caused when my father up and left. My mother and I lived on a tough estate where crime was commonplace. Our house was constantly broken in to, until mum decided enough was enough. We moved from Dublin to Wallasey.


Struggling to meet new people, I was a teenager with a different accent, struggling to fit in. I suffered with social anxiety, fear and doubted myself. Limited education meant I fell into meaningless jobs, where I stuck labels on boxes for minimum wage; until one day I couldn’t take it anymore! I wrote out a list of goals to accomplish, that included overcoming my lack of self-confidence.


I started to train in the gym, and looked for ways to overcome my fears such as performing stand up comedy. I took a leap of faith to learn how to coach and train people to achieve their fitness goals. I’d do anything I could to break though barriers and to keep building on my momentum. Resilience was the key, to keep pushing forward despite the setbacks. I created a business to serve others, to attempt world-records and to live life!

If I can do it, you can too!